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About us

We who created Swing by are Henrik and Therese. A reasonably ordinary couple in their forties 😉.
Through friends and acquaintances, we have realized the frustration that exists over missed planned meetings.

Most of the time, life gets in the way. We therefore wanted to try to give everyone the opportunity to not
only planned meetings but also the spontaneous meeting. Swing by is for everyone with an adventurous and open mind.

We are both full-time working parents and the idea for Swing by was hatched last summer. We then have,
in free and non-free moments developed the app and everything that comes with it during the formation of a company.

The journey has been tough, educational, and above all very fun. We have invested blood, sweat and tears into this.
All in the certainty and belief that this will be fantastic over time. // Henrik & Therese 😘