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Why Swing by?

We want our members not only to be able to have planned meetings but also to be able to meet spontaneously. I believe that everyone in this world has felt the frustration that planned meetings all too often fail.
We have the solution for this! Through a map view, you can easily set who you wish to meet according to settings you have made yourself. Those you see on the map have actively chosen to make themselves visible there. So YOU ​​only get people on the map who are looking for the same as you.

“The potential of Swing by increases with the number of users. the more we are, the better the experience will be. If it is slow at the beginning, there is an explanation. Hold on! We believe in large and rapid spread thanks to you, We all make the app great together”

// Henrik och Therese.

Download the app

The app is available on Google Play and App Store. Click the links below to download the app from the platform you prefer.

download on app store ㅤㅤㅤ download on google play store
Image of a phone with the apps chat function on display
Image of a phone with the apps map function on display

Experience the full potential of Swing by.

Everyone that downloads the app and creates an account gets to try all the app's features for free for 30 days. Examples of functions in the app. By pressing the eye in the map view, you can choose to make yourself visible or invisible to other users. You can also filter using the 'magnifying glass' in the map view so you only get what you are looking for. Another function is that you can also add linked accounts to your profile such as bc, hemligg etc.